Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) Minors

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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program for Minors

The Community Mental Health Unit is the licensing and approval agent for the Mental Health Administration (MHA) and as such, its primary function is to ensure that consumers in the state of Maryland receive quality mental health services. This is achieved through the regulatory process as governed by the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) Title 10 Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Subtitle 21 Mental Hygiene Administration.

Step By Step of Maryland, LLC employs highly motivated and experienced staff members to service individuals entering into PRP services. The staff at Step By Step facilitates the development of the individual’s independent living and social skills, including the minor’s ability to make decisions about their life and create opportunities for choice, to the degree that is age appropriate regarding the home, school or work, community, and promote the use of community resources to integrate the minor into the community. The criteria of services dictate that the referring client must be presently in therapy and they must be enrolled in Maryland’s Medical Assistance Program. Our staff ensures that each client is properly screened within five days of our referral and our initiation of services is properly identified. The initial assessment is completed by licensed clinicians, which determine their treatment.  Services are then carried out by our Direct Care Counselors.

The staff at Step By Step of Maryland focuses on age-appropriate self care skills including:

  • The living environment
  • Community awareness
  • Mobility skills
  • Money management
  • Accessing available entitlements
  • Activities that support the client’s cultural interest
  • Conflict resolution
  • Anger management
  • Interactive skills with peers and authority figures
  • Maintaining personal living space
  • Maintaining age-appropriate boundaries
  • Maintaining personal safety in a social environment
  • Time management
  • Assisting with medication services
  • Personal Hygiene/Grooming
  • Nutrition/Dietary planning and food preparation
  • Social skills

We ensure you that each client referred to our agency will receive excellent quality of care and they will be on the road to a “Stepping Stone to a Successful Life“.

Best Regards,

Shajuan Forsey, Program Director

Joe Grimes, Program Coordinator