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Title Therapeutic Behavioral Aides
Salary $12 per Hr
Location Dundalk/Essex
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Therapeutic Behavioral Aides

Step By Step of Maryland is looking for qualified Therapeutic Behavioral Aides in the Dundalk/Essex area to work with the client and family/guardians to apply in-home interventions relating to long and short term goals provided through a detailed behavioral treatment plan. These clients present behaviors that place them at risk from being removed from their current living environments.

Therapeutic Behavioral Aides must have at least two years experience in the mental health field, be  familiar with de-escalation techniques, crisis interventions skills, behavioral modification techniques and they must be very timely with the completion of daily contact and monthly progress notes.

Aides must be available to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends.

The candidate must have reliable transportation and must complete a criminal background check.

All qualified candidates please send your resume to or fax direct to 443-341-6609.

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Title Direct Care Counselor
Salary $12-$25
Location Dundalk/Essex
Job Information

Direct Care Counselor

Step By Step of Maryland is currently looking for Direct Care Counselor position who would be dedicated to working with a caseload of troubled youth and adults in Dundalk/Essex Area to help them achieve their goals and become productive members of society. Qualified Direct Care Counselor will be able to successfully manage a caseload of clients weekly while handling the daily and monthly contact notes required (Clinical writing required).

Direct Care Counselor will be focused on providing rehabilitative services to clients by following the goals of a detailed individualized treatment plans set forth by a licensed clinician. Direct Care Counselor will be skilled in helping people deal with thier mental and behavioral diagnoses while assisting with community awareness, teaching positive social skills, introducing good eating habits, helping with personal hygiene, implementing anger management strategies, dealing with conflict resolutions, teaching effective time management skills, and maintaining personal safety in the home and community.

All services are provided in the home or in community which makes the schedule flexible, so we are looking for committed individuals who can successfully work independently.

Requirements: All candidates must have at least some experience in the mental health field, high school diploma, and some college credits. Candidate must have reliable transportation and vehicle insurance.

A background check is required to be considered for this position.

All interested candidates please send resume to or fax to 443-341-6609.

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