About Step By Step of Maryland, LLC

We are very proud about our agency and our Mission Statement dictates how we feel about our clients in Baltimore City/County areas, which allows these individuals to benefit from our services.

Our Mission is:

To provide rehabilitative services to individuals in a conducive atmosphere/arrangement and an opportunity to collaborate with affiliated government agencies working with individuals with varying degrees of emotional disturbances and behavioral disorders, such that these populations are served, assisted, and rehabilitated fully functional, productive and integrated back into the community.

Step By Step of Maryland is a state licensed and approved Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP), which services minors and adults in Baltimore City/County areas as well as Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) agency. Criteria stipulates that clients must demonstrate a need for services, must be in on-going therapy, and they must be actively enrolled in medical assistance through the state of Maryland.

Our agency is consistently striving for excellence along with utilizing best practices on a daily basis.  We are members with Community Behavioral Health (CBH) and National Council For Community Behavioral Healthcare. We collaborate with health care professionals on a daily basis to ensure that we are well informed of all issues surrounding the human services field.  We also believe that we must stay very involved with community related organizations, so we partnered with Howard Park Civic Association as a neighboring partner regarding community awareness. Quality assurance and presenting a quality product is a high priority at Step By Step.

The philosophy of Step By Step of Maryland is to assist individuals in the community by helping them identify and utilize opportunities for managing their mental illness, socialization, education, independent living skills, anger management, coping skills, prevention of illness, employment; including job readiness skills, along with a vast amount of other rehabilitation skills. This will assist our clients with maximizing their abilities to function successfully in society. We will assist with regaining effective impulse control and to improve self-esteem assisting in acquiring the skills necessary for daily independent living, nutrition, personal grooming, and prevention of illness. We will also recommend strategies on money management, occupational preparation, and cultural and community integration. We offer an understanding of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders offering practical ideas for behavioral management, improved social and daily living skills, and employment integration. Step By Step of Maryland has been able to recruit licensed professionals who understand the human service sector, the youth of today, and the difficulties in which society plays in the development of youth, adolescents, and the mentally challenged. Step By Step of Maryland’s overall goals are to rehabilitate minors and adults with behavioral issues and mental disabilities by providing outstanding rehabilitative services while providing cultural experiences in the process.

PRP services are structured for clients, starting at age six, which are in need of socialization and community driven services.  Minors that are under age six must be reviewed and approved by the Value Options child psychiatrist for medical necessity.  Minors that are experiencing behavioral issues, or that are struggling with managing their mental illness look to Step By Step for assistance with educational misconduct, legal issues, physical/sexual abuse, inappropriate behaviors, academic issues, violence, conflict resolution skills, neglect, medication management, anger management, time management, depression, somatic issues, peer relations, and grooming/hygiene issues. There are four encounters completed per month (one being in a group setting).

Adults benefit from our structured planned PRP services in many varieties.  Step By Step offers a vast amount of resources that each adult receives when they are enrolled into the program.  We believe that independence sets the tone with a sound rehabilitation plan, so our adults are well equipped with complete listings of resources ranging from social services, housing assistance, crisis hotlines, urgent care, mobility/transportation information, children and youth services, utility assistance, sanitation, prevention of illness, recreation, medication compliance, essential skills for socialization, self esteem steps, communication skills, confidence skills, stress management, theories on adults in the learning environment, and resume writing; including job readiness skills.  There are six encounters completed per month (one being in a group setting).

We are proud to implement parenting classes, which will outline parenting skills in all settings over a twelve week period.

Our TBS services are critical to individuals that are age 6-21; ages below 6 have to be reviewed by a Value Options psychiatrist for approval.  Services are all in-home and they are structured for clients that are presenting with very aggressive behaviors.  These clients are typically so aggressive that they are in danger of being removed from their home setting.  TBS services are geared to assist a client and their parent/guardian with behavioral interventions outlined in a behavioral plan which deescalate behaviors allowing the client and parent/guardian to manage behaviors in a controlled setting. These services range from 10-30 hours per week; certain populations are approved at 40 hours per week.  It is vital that we receive current psychological notes along with all TBS referrals.

Not only do we care about the actual client in our program, but we also take the initiative to communicate effectively with the siblings and the parents to ensure that we form a close working relationship with the entire family.  If we feel that it is beneficial for other family members to receive services, we take the proper steps with advising parents and therapist, so all can benefit from a sound rehabilitation program.  It is vital that all clients present with a need for services and that they are referred by a licensed clinician.

We are also going the extra mile with providing services via our Foundation; Stepping Stones to a Successful Life to offer tutoring services to increase educational competency.  While we are all concentrating on rehabilitating our clients, we have to ensure that the proper education standards are being met.  Through program tutoring and daily group sessions, staff will provide students with opportunities to develop and practice social competency skills for building positive relationships among students and teachers, and for creating a strong sense of community awareness.  Our foundation assist with our clients receiving educational instruction aimed at meeting their individual needs, which will assist with improving academic scores and grade level ranges. Topics such as being a good listener, utilizing appropriate communication skills (passive, aggressive, passive/aggressive, and assertive), and problem solving are key elements in the learning process. Students will further develop skills in conflict resolution, and healthy alternatives for de-escalating situations and gaining individual independence to face their problems with dignity. Students will receive one on one instruction with no more than four students assigned to one tutor.

We take much pride in our hiring process and we ensure that all staff members go through and extensive training program prior to servicing clients within the community.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with your organization.  Please visit our forms tab to complete our PRP Minor/Adult Referrals along with our TBS Referral forms.  All referrals must be completed by a licensed therapist.

Our agency will also be extending services to include Substance Abuse treatment We are very excited about our new business venture and we feel that we have the ability to carry out this very rewarding challenge with professionalism, dedication, and sound ethical treatment plans.