Step By Step of Maryland, LLC

Mission: The mission of Step By Step of Maryland is to provide rehabilitative services to individuals in a conducive atmosphere/arrangement and an opportunity to collaborate with affiliated government agencies working with individuals with varying degrees of emotional disturbances and behavioral disorders, such that these populations are served, assisted, and rehabilitated fully functional, productive and integrated back into the community.

Philosophy: Step By Step of Maryland’s goal is to assist individuals in the community by helping them identify and utilize opportunities for socialization, education and employment. This will assist our clients with maximizing their abilities to function successfully in society. We will assist with regaining effective impulse control and to improve self-esteem assisting in acquiring the skills necessary for daily independent living, nutrition, personal grooming, and prevention of illness. We will also recommend strategies on money management, occupational preparation, and cultural and community integration.

We offer an understanding of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders offering practical ideas for behavioral management, improved social and daily living skills, and employment integration. Step By Step of Maryland has been able to recruit licensed professionals whounderstand the human service sector, the youth of today, and the difficulties in which society plays in the development of adolescents and the mentally challenged.

Step By Step of Maryland’s overall goals are to rehabilitate and mentor troubled youth and adults with behavioral issues and mental disabilities by providing outstanding rehabilitative services while providing cultural experiences in the process.